Tova Media is a consulting and marketing firm. We are looking to partner with extraordinary individuals and companies who aim to enhance revenue through Internet portals.

We generally do not work with creative website design, but rather focus on a holistic approach to improving the online presence and effectiveness of your healthcare business.
Critical factors of an internet marketing strategy.

1. Valuable service

Any good, service, or idea, can be marketed. You must have a distinct product which will provide value to the consumer. If you are unable to provide compelling value to the consumer, no amount of clever marketing will succeed (see ). So we will assume that you already have a product which can provide meaningful and understandable value for your customer, and that it is only awareness of your product that is lacking, not the product itself. We repeat: The role of marketing is to communicate the value of your product, not to create the value of a product. Do not forget that your product does not need to be a physical product. Your knowledge can be packaged and monetized and offered to your customers.

2. Social profit

Your service should provide a social contribution. If the primary focuses of your marketing efforts are to enhance revenue, you will one day grow tired of the demands and retreat your advances. It is only by providing a service that contributes to the common good that you will stay motivated day after day, week after week, year after year. Your marketing plan should mirror your service, which is to say it includes a commitment to ethical behavior, an ethical tone to business behavior, and social responsibility by contributing to the common good.

3. Marketplace Terroir

You still need the proper soil even if you have the proper seed. Ideally you are providing service in an area not being sufficiently targeted by others. A big fish in a small pond can live a very good life. Sam Walton started Walmart in Bentonville, Arkansas, not in Paris, London, Tokyo, or New York. Or you might be expanding your service to a related but previously untapped direction.

4. Promotion strategy among the installed base

You may have an existing customer base that has been ignored. While you have likely developed marketing programs for new prospects, we will need to develop a distinct marketing program for your installed base. Your existing base has indicated trust in you. Enhance that trust and expand it to new opportunities. If you are treating your existing clients exactly as your treat new prospects, the existing base will become dissatisfied. Traffic generation is a seperate strategy from client retention.

5. Metrics

You have a system for measuring and testing the effectiveness of the different aspects of your marketing strategy. Auditing your current web presence and Internet marketing efforts is an essential preliminary step that must be undertaken before a system can be constructed and implemented.