Tova Media is a consulting and marketing firm. We are looking to partner with extraordinary individuals and companies who aim to enhance revenue through Internet portals.


We generally do not work with creative website design, but rather focus on a holistic approach to improving the online presence and effectiveness of your healthcare business.

Protect the egg

We come to marketing and consulting from a unique background: the practice of medicine. The central tenet of "Primum non nocere - First do no harm" must apply to all aspects of our marketing efforts. Marketing is meant to inform, not mislead.

Share the egg

True contentment and self actualization will come about when we share our successes with others. The point of your business efforts should be to achieve a high level of success that you can share with others. A story is told of the late Malcolm Forbes and his magnificient Faberge Egg collection. It is said that for him the joy was not in acquiring and possessing the Eggs, but in showing them to others and sharing their beauty and elegance.

Give up the egg

Our company is inspired by Tova. While raising a family with limited means she cared for a husband working in manual labor, and two young daughters. She would typically only have two eggs per day to serve at breakfast and her daily dilemna was how to split 2 eggs among 3 people, her daughters and husband. She never would take the egg herself, prefering to go hungry while providing for others.

Be content with your egg

Aesop's fable tells us of the goose that laid the golden egg. The husband and wife who had the goose that laid the golden eggs killed it hoping to get all the gold at one time. Rather than receive one golden egg each day, they lost everything. Remember that greed destroys the source of good.