Tova Media is a consulting and marketing firm. We are looking to partner with extraordinary individuals and companies who aim to enhance revenue through Internet portals.

We generally do not work with creative website design, but rather focus on a holistic approach to improving the online presence and effectiveness of your healthcare business.

Ron Hekier

ron hekier

Ron Hekier has been able to appreciate the utility of computers since the dawn of the personal computing age. He recalls with fondness personal computing in the early 1980's beginning with programming computer consoles by a punch key cards, and then progressing to experience with early computers such as the TRS-80, Commodore PET, and Apple II. He has shifted his emphasis from an initial interest in programming to a more comprehensive knowledge of application management.

He has leveraged his computer knowledge with marketing skill to be able to consistently and powerfully deliver effective direct to consumer campaigns.

He has formed Tova Media in honor of his grandmother, who despite facing untold hardships in her life, always exhibited a noble character. It is not a coincidence that her name, Tova, means "good" in Hebrew. (For further reading refer to How to be a mensch by Guy Kawasaki.)

Rachael Keilin

rachael keilin

Rachael has a vivid intellectual curiosity, ranging from Rambo to Rambeau. She began with a summer as a Telluride scholar where she studied the history of American business, followed by a BA in Humanities from Yale University with a focus on art history and eventually settling into medicine, completing board certification in surgery and surgical critical care.

Her current creative interests include medical aesthetics, Dutch art of the 17th century and knitting. Rachael believes that aesthetic inspiration can be found in many different guises, from the hyper-realism of Vermeer’s "Woman Holding a Balance"to the later, more surreal images of Turner’s “”Sunrise with Sea Monsters." It can also be found in the juxtaposition of the two, as described in “Art in the Age of Mechanical Reproduction"by Walter Benjamin. She is also a bit of a geek in her references.